Dancer reading, Degas

Edgar Degas was famous for his unconventional portraits of ballet dancers. Instead of catching them in moments of beauty, he painted snapshots, unguarded moments, like reading the newspaper! Absolutely LOVE Degas dancer paintings, they are my favorite.

Ballerina by Edgar Degas - a lovely blue-toned one


I think if I ever have a girl I will definitely put Degas' beautiful dancer painters in her room to class things up! Danseuse, Dancer by Degas Canvas Print

Dancer in Her Dressing Room, Edgar Degas Medium: pastel

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Degas sculpture in front of a Monet Painting.

Degas watching Monet, Musee de Marmotan, Paris --> was fortunate enough to see the Monet installment at the St. Louis Art Museum last winter

Edgar Degas, Dancers, Pink and Green, c. 1894

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Willard Metcalf (1858-1925) In the Café (Au café), 1888 Oil on wood panel

Au Café Willard Leroy Metcalf (American, Oil on panel. Terra Foundation for American Art. Within its compressed vertical format, Au Café presents a quick glimpse in a fashionable.

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Edgar Degas - Seated Dancer Rubbing Her Leg. Charcoal with white and dark brown pastel on gray-brown laid paper

Mary Cassatt at the Louvre, Edgar Degas Medium: pastel

Mary Cassatt at the Louvre, Edgar Degas Medium: pastel

Van Gogh De Sterrennacht Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

The Starry Night / Vincent van Gogh / Saint Rémy, June 1889 / Oil on canvas / MoMa. Love this piece, one of my all time favorite works of art.

mimbeau: ca 1882 Édouard Manet (1832-83) ~ Carnations and Clematis

1882 ~ "Carnations and Clematis in a Crystal Vase", by Édouard Manet French Impressionist Painter, one of the First Century Artists to paint Modern Life .

HENRI MATISSE Interieur met meisje /Lezend meisje 1905 -1906

Interior with a Young Girl (Girl Reading), Henri Matisse (French, Oil on canvas. // Matisse’s daughter Marguerite sits quietly, absorbed in a book—depicted with bold marks and vivid, planes of opposing and often complementary colors.