Houston City Skyline by Gene Inman - www.geneinman.com, via Flickr

Houston skyline at night

Downtown Houston

Eyes of Texas - Texas Letterpress Print on Cotton - This company makes the south look as cool as it really is!

Downtown Houston, Texas - Light rail will take you North/South from UHD to Reliant Stadium.

Chicago, the windy city

Houston--I don't like driving through Houston, but I like who I get to see when I get there!


Cincinnati Skyline, Breathtaking


Houston Skyline at Dawn

the Sabine Street Bridge offers the perfect opportunity for snapping a photo of Houston's downtown skyline

Salt Lake City, The Crossroads of the West, can be reached non-stop from RNO on Delta or Southwest Airlines.

Houston #Texas -Taken from the Downtown Aquarium. HDR by nat1874.deviantart.com

@therealzyme #reno

Times Square

Downtown Houston

The Windy City is one of the non-stop destinations you can fly to from RNO!


Fort Worth

The Tranquility Park Fountains are downtown, near City Hall - I would go here on a weekend, during the day. Parking is so much easier on weekends.