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naturally-clean. Rather than covering your home in toxic chemicals, try our herbal solutions to keep your home smelling great and eco-friendly.


Nature´s Essence

Hand hammered, with rattan handle, signed on the base with Japanese characters.

Nanbu Kettle, Japan

南部鉄器、急須、ティーポット 「日本のファンを作るために活動しています。 We are working to make a fan of Japan.」

Japanese Tea Kettle by adjapi - Tomoyuki Ishida

Japanese roasted green tea

Chinese Yixing tea set

Winesiam Winesiam






Bouilloire à thé et son réchaud, Teapot and stove, France, 1760, Manufacture de Meissen,

mademoiselle-rose-things: …tea…

tea blends

tachibanak_4_L.jpg 494×700 pixels

Uji cha, tea boxes

2013年08月の記事 | Synchronicity

Green Theme Vintage China -- so beautiful!

Blue & White - Porcelain Tea Pot

a variety of loose leaf teas