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Movie and Concert Memory Jar

Start a ticket memory jar. Play tickets, movie stubs, hotel key cards, and concert tickets. Each is a memory and represents your life's journeys. Love this simple idea. Note the rusty lid // OR put in the jar with your year memories that you write down

Love these tiny apothecary jars, with sand from our vacations. Maybe not as ornaments, but to save just a tiny bit, with the little slip saying where.

Easy memory ornaments

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Beach Memory Jar- we can take a picture of all the girls at the beach early then send it to Walgreens to be printed from our phones and throw the photos in these before they leave.

Display box to show off ticket stubs from concerts, sporting events, and theme parks.

Display box to show off hotel keys / plane tickets or ticket stubs from concerts, sporting events, and theme parks.

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This abstract world map is designed to keep your holiday memories - Super cool idea

Vacation Memories Mason Jar.  What a cute Idea!

Vacation Mason Jars

Drill a tiny hole in the places you have been

what a fun idea! could be fun poking holes only in places you've visited! poking holes in world globes then light inside for night.

Over The Big Moon Beach Vacation Memory Bottles

Beach Vacation Memory Bottles - bring home sand from your vacation and put them in jars, label them, and use different ways to tie them.

Better than all those 'memories' lying in a drawer or a box in the closet. Mix in a few family photos and I really like this idea.

All of our memories in a frame! Need to collect movie tickets, concert passes, wrist bands, love notes, etc. to create a collage and frame it. Would be cute by a front door so everyone that comes in gets a glance of 'us' :)