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Soda pop top bracelet DIY: I use at least 24 pop tops per bracelet, take two strands of stretchy elastic cord, and then weave them in and out of the two pop tap holes. You can add beads or get creative in any way when making these.

Crosslink pop tab bracelet This pop tab bracelet is made out of recycled pop tabs, that were washed and cleaned before using in this project. As closure

Rainbow Tab Stretchy Pop Can Tab Bracelet with White String Stretch

Pop Tab Bracelet

A cute, eco-friendly way to recycle old pop tabs and leftover ribbon. :D . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a pop tab bracelet in under 5 minutes by not sewing with ribbon, needle, and sharpie. Inspired by clothes & accessories. How To posted...

soda tab - rose gold pop tab flower earrings pair crochet by tabsolute, $10.00 - love this pair! #sodatab

things made from can tabs | across pop tab bracelets and bags . There have been baskets too made ...