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The Writing Process - black and white version for printing available too (on Flickr - download large version)

FASCINATING BRAIN - This is your brain on writing. How does the act of writing affect your brain. Learn Book marketing FREE BOOK !

LOVE this for getting kids to think about their writing!!! .... Follow for more FREE 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools other fun teaching stuff :)

"Learning to write is learning to think. You don't know anything clearly unless you can state it in writing."

If a student disagrees or wants to counter a claim, these sentence starters are a good way to keep the discussion engaging and positive.

Weary of students who slap quoted material into their essays without any framing or support? Click HERE for the solution! #highschoolEnglish

Jim Burke's thesis generator... Add: Highlight opinion in one color and significance in another color.

Meanwhile in Russia: a walrus napping on a submarine. That's all. ~via Twitter / obk Olaf Koens

Ever wonder where top writers find their topics? They find cool and controversial topics, that are fun to write and interesting to read. ...

Writing Checklist by The Writing Doctor, via Flickr

Great chart with comma rules. I'd add that Rule 2 doesn't change even when you follow AP style and omit the final comma in a series. Also, commas almost never go after "and" or "but."