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  • Crystal Griffith

    New Meal Measure 1 Food Portion Control Plate Lose Weight Loss Watchers Tool | eBay

  • Lindsey Davis

    #portioncontrol..... I dont need this for portion control I need this so my food doesn't touch!! #Genius!

  • Brittany Enriquez

    Portion control plate, good idea for people trying to maintain a healthy diet. You can eat the healthiest food ever but it won't do anything if your eating too much!

  • donna larson

    The Meal Measure --- As seen on TV, it helps you measure and control portion sizes when serving food directly onto your plate. It’s dishwasher safe too. (I have something similar, a large plastic dinner plate with portion control measuring bowls pushed into it. Just seems like a slightly better idea, because you only get one thing dirty instead of two.) You can purchase this on

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Portion control packing ideas! (good idea for packing mini-meals...sub GP friendly options)

The secret to weight loss! Portion size by use of my hand.

Size portions. They all sound doable except the ice cream? Really? 2 ping pong balls? Lol riggght

This could be very useful to me since I am not always the best at measuring :/