How To Create Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog / Bubbly Fog via- Happy Halloween

Pumpkin, dry ice and glowsticks.

Ah! Love this. Monster pumpkin for Halloween.

Jack Skellington love this pumpkin and am going to have this on my porch this year

Which way is the best way to preserve your jack-o-lantern and keep it fresh the longest? check out this site that tries 5 different popular methods and the stunning conclusion on which one works the best!

Creepy Jack tutorial~Many other great tutorials on Halloween scenes and things!

Tomato cage turned upside down put white Christmas lights inside. Cover with a white sheet, add face and you have an outdoor ghost!

jack-o-lantern ideas

Swiss-Cheese Pumpkin with Mice - gives me the shivers!

Scary Halloween House - building or creating a haunted house? Try this idea with old lace or cheese cloth (make it old by soaking it in tea and hanging to dry) and a porcelain doll head (paint and create the spooky effect you want)

Pumpkin converted to hold drinks for a party.

Pumpkin Spider

Weekend Project: Ultimate Fog Chiller

great as a bonfire with a cauldron with dry ice in it too...

Dry Ice Recipes - Cool Halloween Science

take an empty liquior bottle. buy a rubber mask. roll the rubber mask so it fits inside the bottle then fill with water and add loose tea.

If I were creative and talented this is the pumpkin I would want to create

Pumpkin house


Great party idea..could use for Halloween or a party for the fall. For the Harvest/Fall party/get together I would do the scarecrow and add the food.

Faux Moss - To make faux moss, add a batch of dryer lint with some craft glue and two or more shades of green paint. With a gloved hand, gently mix the lint and liquids until all are moss-colored. The paint colors should not be mixed completely. While still wet, apply pieces of the mixture with your fingers by pressing the faux moss into the tombstone or prop surface. Let dry. If needed, dry brush some lighter green back on the moss for highlights.