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Space Station Gas & Liquor.........Steamboat Springs, Colorado

“Part of the fascination with space travel is the element of the unknown - the conviction that it’s different from Earthbound experiences.And it is.” —Sally Ride, first American woman in space.

Lost in space retrofuturism. Retro fashion photography. Where we all want to dream.

RIP, Badass. Astronaut Sally K. Ride, STS-7 mission specialist, communicates with ground controllers from the mid-deck of the earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Challenger in June 1983.

In the future, Ariana promised herself she would wear a uniform that was less likely to disintegrate on reentry...

74% of Americans Support Voter ID Laws - Americans demand fair elections!

LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, & NEW YORK: We’ve been receiving some great photos for our Why I’m Marching on #Aug26 photo campaign! :D Let’s keep the momentum going about why it's so important to march to defend our rights - Like & share this photo and submit your own here! www.defendwomensr...

So this is the kind of change Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan feel we so desperately need — paying more money for less health care and fewer years of coverage. You know … freedom.

September 24-30. 7 days worth of meals with recipes and a grocery list included. Meal time has NEVER been THIS easy!!!

Feminism” with a capital “F” is making a roaring comeback, thanks to the Republican War On Women