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    • Rosi Rosa

      Lighthouse stairs

    • Arianna Meunier

      Amede Lighthouse by Eustaquio Santimano

    • Erika Herzog

      278 Spiralling Step's of the Amedee Lighthouse The Amédée lighthouse, or "Le Phare Amédée" is a lighthouse located on Amédée Island, New Caledonia. The cast iron lighthouse is 140 years old and 56 meters tall. It was originally built in France by Napoleon III, but was later transported to New Caledonia. It is now a very popular tourist attraction there. It has got approx, 278 steps.

    • Marni Sinclair-Ross

      Spiral staircase of the Amédée lighthouse near New Caledonia

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    Photograph by George Steinmetz From "Afar Depression," National Geographic, January 2012 Evoking a scene from biblical times, caravans arrive at the salt mines of Lake Asele, 381 feet below sea level. For centuries salt blocks, called amole, were used throughout Ethiopia as money.

    Photograph by George Steinmetz From "Afar Depression," National Geographic, January 2012 Sulfur and algae turn hot springs into pools of living color. The water is condensation from hot gases rising from magma chambers. As the water evaporates, salts and minerals form a vivid crust.

    Carsten Peter Conquering an Infinite Cave Minh Hoa, Vietnam JANUARY ISSUE A giant cave column swagged in flowstone towers over explorers swimming through the depths of Hang Ken, one of 20 new caves discovered last year in Vietnam. "Carsten Peter thrives on adventure. The more difficult the place, the more he wants to go. What's special about this photograph is its otherworldliness. It truly looks like another planet, because no one's ever seen it before. And the way the light is balanced between the divers and the stalagmites and stalactites in this huge space—absolutely flawless." —Chris Johns, Editor in Chief

    Paul Nicklen Spirit Bear Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia AUGUST ISSUE In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur. "Paul Nicklen is a master at getting closer. He gets close enough to take this beautiful forest with this beautiful bear, eating a salmon, and make it all come together in a photograph that captures your imagination. I feel like I'm there. I can almost smell that forest, the bear. This is Paul's home. This looks like a photo he took in his backyard of a dear friend." —Chris Johns, Editor in Chief

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