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Especially when it comes to moronic drivers... I have no idea how people get their license sometimes.

I really need to stop saying, "How stupid can you be?" Some people are starting to take it as a personal challenge.

This is obvious, right? I really start to wonder about some people.

I dont even like the marshmallows but this is funny

Im 30 but I still feel like Im 20... until I hang out with 20 year olds... then Im like, nope never mind, Im 30.

draw something - that last one is even better than my normal ones...

The only thing I hate more than people with summer houses are people who dont invite me to their summer houses.

It's not that I don't like you.... oh wait, yes, yes it is.

*Please let it go to voicemail... Please let it go to voicemail... Please let go to... * 'Oh, hey.. I'm glad I caught you...'

There may be two sides to every story, but you're still a douche in both of them.