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Selin, this works out great, I can re- pin all the pins that my fellow pinners put on my board and share on yours.

@bleubirdvintage I love colorful umbrellas, and this one is so lovely. Makes me want a rainy day to use it...or sun :)

Oh you know, just taking cover from the tropical rain showers...

Slightly OTT on the post processing (old photo effects), but the colours are nice.

“A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left.” ― Marilyn Monroe Rocking those red lips!

These are great light up umbrellas for the pacific north wet! @ or Sears online.

(Open RP) The rain pours and pours. It hasn't stopped for days and this is no exception. I see a red headed girl under a black umbrella, she is looking down and she seem sad. I stare at her through the crowd of people and I realize the city is bustling around me. "Excuse me!!" Someone shouts in my ear. I quickly turn around and accidentally trip over someone or something, and I land in someone's arms. I look up,"I'm so sorry!" I say (can someone be the girl he runs into? Please?)

beautiful,beauty,couple,love,photography,street-24ac0e6a41b029533806d5c2460899d6_h by wangxu3192, via Flickr

i want one of these! (a man to row me around? a boat? a glass of wine? an umbrella?)

This is a fabulous portrait (if it isn't indeed photo realistic art. At the moment, I really can't tell for sure.) The pose is striking, but looks uncomfortable, I don't envy the model her posture, but I'd love to have a parasol of that size.