• Jamie Olivas

    fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive in the middle of nowhere to go stargazing.... Bucket list..... Perfect date night idea!!!

  • Faith Shannon

    A good date night idea for future reference :) #bucketlist

  • Amelia Bowman

    Valentine Star Gazing ~ If you have a truck or can borrow one, pack a picnic dinner and head for the mountains. Star gaze and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day under the stars. It is an inexpensive and very romantic way to spend your evening with your valentine....This is on my bucket list with the hubs!

  • Tayler McCamman

    Star gazing date.... Perfect idea to add to my summer bucket list

  • Lauren Linton

    Campout under the stars? Yes, please. mine and jonathans next sleepover datenight ;)

  • Megan Kettner

    bucket list --pickup truck camping/ stargazing (drive-in idea?)

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