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Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Focal Length of 85mm. His settings were a Shutter Speed of1/5600s and an Aperture f/1.2 with an ISO of 100.

Heimarmene-is a goddess and personification of fate/destiny in Greek mythology. Heimarmene's name is speculated to have numerous different origins; some postulate it is derived from the Greek ειρειν (eirein, meaning "to fasten"), implying the significance of every event; the fact that we are all connected, or the fact that we are all bound to a destiny.

incision: Ok so I saw this on the sidewalk while walking out of town and I thought why not take a picture. It really interests me because at this time, the mixing of the colors seemed to go side by side with what’s going in my life. It was just a weird feeling that someone is out there.. Watching my daily life and making sure I’m okay. Idek. It’s also really pretty plus tumblr loves it, so yeah.

from Summer Murdock Photographer

scenes from the couch..

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