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Round 2mm Blue Sapphire Faceted Stone, AA-Grade-Sapphire gets its blue color from titanium and iron oxides; the depth of color depends on the amount of oxides in the stone.

Our new Ethiopian opals have both beauty and strength, a rare combination in opals. Cut with a higher dome than typical opal cabochons, these non-treated stones exhibit a high-quality play of color and vivid translucence. :small_blue_diamond: Ethopian

Round 10mm Crystal Quartz Doublet Faceted Stone, Watermelon This round doublet is composed of a faceted clear quartz top and bottom; the adhesive that holds the two halves together provides the beautiful watermelon color—a two-tone color reminiscent of tourmaline.

Vortex™-Cut Amethyst 10mm Round Faceted Stone This amethyst gemstone features a designer carved cut that commands attention in any design. Goldsmith Sherris Cottier Shank is among the world's most talented gemstone artists and strives to convey an organic and flowing feel in the gemstones she carves, to create what she describes as "one-of-a-kind, hand-carved pieces of art." Her Vortex™-cut gemstones capture and reflect light through curved grooves hand-cut into the pavilion from the…

Round 4mm Amethyst Cabochon Stone Item #: 66600 Amethyst is the best known and most valuable form of quartz.

Ametrine10 x 8mm Octagon Faceted Stone Bi-color ametrine presents is most attractive look when rough stones are carefully chosen to produce a stone that's as close as possible to half amethyst and half citrine. Rarely seen with a perfect half-and-half split, the exact proportions from stone to stone vary slightly, giving each stone a unique appearance. This ametrine gemstone coordinates well with either amethyst or citrine, as well as with complementary color stones.

The slender oval shape of these turquoise cabochons makes them ideal for designs that feature many stones. #TellUs: which is your favorite, the new Sleeping Beauty, a deep sky blue turquoise mined in Globe, Arizona (right), or the softer blue turquoise mi

Video Tutorials and guides to adding stones and gems to Art Clay, Silver Clay, Bronze Clay and Precious Metal Clay PMC

Happy December, Rio Jewelers! #Birthstone jewelry is a great staple to keep stocked in your line. It has a wide appeal, yet a personal touch your customers will appreciate. Keep your price tag down with simulated blue zircon from Rio