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Forgotten history. That is the "Surrender Table" on which the American and French negotiated terms of surrender with the English during the Revolutionary War. Currently at Elsing Green Plantation in middle-of-nowhere Virginia. Shouldn't it be on prominent display at the Smithsonian!?

The G&G Club celebrates in King Willaim, Virginia at The Elsing Green Plantation. Beautiful setting!

Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau,Born 1 July 1725 Vendôme, Orléanais, France Died 10 May 1807 (aged 81) Thoré, Loir-et-Cher, France, Rank Marshal of France ,Battles/wars War of the Austrian Succession, Seven Years' War, American Revolutionary War, French Revolutionary Wars

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Shirley Plantation

SHIRLEY PLANTATION, 501 Shirley Plantation Road, Charles City, VA 23030. - HAUNTED

- Elsing Green, State Route 632 vicinity, West Point, King William County, VA

ELSING GREEN PLANTATION, rests along the Pamunkey River in King William Co., Virginia, near Richmond. The 18th-century plantation has been in continuous operation for more than 300 years. The exterior of the Queen Anne manor house is Flemish-bond brickwork, with its erection dating back to between 1715 & 1720. It is two-stories & U-shaped, with east & west wings jutting to the north. Doors on either side of the wing lead to a detached east dependency home & a west kitchen house.

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American Revolutionary War Drum


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Plantation abandoned home rural decay birmingham alabama south southern texture green grey gray blue red brick wood victorian 4x6 photograph

Abandoned plantation

"The Hermitage Plantation" -- [Famous plantation & estate of the Henry McAlpin family since 1819. Present mansion built 1830 - plantation settled 1783 & consists of over 400 acres along Savannah River front. It is probably the most famous & representative of an ante-bellum plantation in the South.]~[Photograph courtesy of royal_sports_club - October 23 2008]'h4d-133.2012'