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    A penny + a pinch of sugar in a vase keeps flowers perkier longer

    "This totally works! I tried it yesterday...wish I knew a long time ago!"

    Penny: Drop one into vase water and add a pinch of sugar to keep cut flowers perkier longer

    Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?!

    Tips for Using Vinegar in the Laundry, FREE Printable - Ask Anna

    83 Things You Can Do With a Penny

    Store cheese in aluminum foil. Take your bananas apart when you get home. keeps them fresher longer Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating. Peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking.

    I'm sure my high school keyboarding teacher knew this....WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME... Lol

    35 life-changing ways to use every day objects! Restore mascara! Neatly remove votives! Erase water stains from wood! Make flowers last longer! OPEN WINE WITH A SHOE!!

    Spring Wreath & Wedding Wreaths Blog Post by Brisbane Wedding Weekly

    How to get rid of fruit flies easily and effectively. This totally works! Within the first half hour I had already caught 10.

    Great use for those old camping marshmallows that didn't get used: keeping brown sugar soft

    Free Calligraphy & Script Fonts

    Dollar Store Mosaic Flamingo

    This site has a removal for every stain imaginable! (I think I'll be happy I pinned this in the future)

    Before my son was born I was an office and hiring manager at a company. I interviewed a lot of people. Here are my Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired

    Something tells me ill be glad i pinned this...How to do a no spend month; also this blog has lots of other stuff to explore: "Learn how you can simplify your home, your finances, your family life and your time."

    smart idea for saving money on christmas gifts, and not having to spend all your money in one month.(hmmm...this is a pretty good idea!)

    Who knew??

    I always need my cup of coffee right away in the morning to get me motivated. Then you can find me sipping on coffee all day if I am cleaning.

    Penny rings