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Animal And Bird Masks Original Article

Cat in envelope and three cats at center top Illustrated by Helena Maguire. (Uncertain about two at bottom left.) Mamelok Papercraft.

(best viewed large) Children dressed in... merchant carnival / Advertising costumes Wooway has informed me...girl on left is from a "general store" middle child represents a tin smith and one on the right represents a "cloth Merchant" The small girl in the center wears a hat with a coal miner lamp and holds a coal bucket and fireplace shovel. The crowned girl on the left has a dress adorned with lemons, limes other long fruit strands and clothespins as well and holds a broom and has a box…

Women Ordnance Workers. Warm, appetizing, and substantial lunches served the explosive-area workers in bomb shelters. Only 38 cents. Left to right: Mrs. Delia Evans, Mrs. Alva Lou Snow, Mrs. Margaret Kitchins. (1943)

~ WWII era air raid shelter poster that was found and photographed in the Portland Square Underground Air Raid Shelter, near Plymouth University, U.K. via

All except three brown and grey tabby heads by Helena Maguire. Mamelok Papercraft.

All cats in the right sheet and the two at the bottom left of the left sheet (white and brown tabby) were illustrated by Helena Maguire. Mamelok Papercraft.

Large cat, cat with envelope and sleeeping cat (right sheet) and large cat and white cat (left sheet) by Helena Maguire. Mamelok Papercraft.

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Small Vintage Snapshot; Little Girl & Doll Standing on Running Board of old Car

Illustration by Helena Maguire.