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swing or dive in via Kate Spade

There was a swing at our hotel in Koh Yao Noi, but the water was only very shallow even at high tide. want to swing out over deeper water and then jump in!

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DIY Swing Set - 5 Ways to Make Your Own

DIY Swing Set - 5 Ways to Make Your Own - Bob Vila Great summer idea for the kids - build this DIY swing set Want fantastic suggestions on arts and crafts?

Peaceful Escape

Previous Pinner Said: Goa, India. I want to give India another go. And I hear great things about Goa.

Suspended capsule biking! New Zealand

60 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die - from Volcano Boarding to Heli Yoga to go karts in Germany *** the Shweeb, a pedal-powered monorail at Agroventures Adventure Park in Rotorua, New Zealand***


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Bucket list: try something unique and go zorbing! (as long as there rnt any waves that take m far far away)

Go Zorbing

Valores: Altruismo, Generosidad, Amor Plan de acción:  -Informarse acerca de las instituciones que se encargan de estas actividades.  -Establecer el tiempo que quieres dedicarle a esta actividad.  -Informarte un poco acerca de los animales con los que estaras en contacto para poder aportar un poco m+as a ellos.  -Motivar a tu comunidad a realizar este tipo de actividades para que de esta manera se reduzca el número de perritos maltratados o abandonados.

Volunteer/Service - I've always wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter but my parents don't like the idea, and I've seen many videos and one day I want to help these cute animals

Tumblr Bucket List Ideas | ... ideas for a bucket list here are some that fall onto my bucket list

An incredible “sunken” bridge in the Netherlands gives visitors access to a Century Dutch fort. Designed by RO & AD Architects, the Moses Bridge literally parts the waters that surround the fort, allowing pedestrians to pass through.

Bucket list?

Things to do! Except not the "online friends" part for me. and I've already made a pretty legit dream catcher.

My List: <3 Cherry Garcia <3 Cookie Dough <3 Brownie Cheesecake <3

I would love for this to be a "Family Affair"! Everyone in my family loves Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream"! bucket list: try every ben & jerry's ice cream flavor

Objetivo a futuro

9 Covetous Onscreen Walk-In Closets

Had a walk in closet made from a spare bedroom. And the walk-in-closet in that room.was my shoe closet!

I have always wanted to go here with my mom. She has wanted to go to Australia for as long as I can remember and I would love to finally give her her dream and live it with her.

TOP 10 Largest Countries In The World

BUCKETLIST: breathe taking, isnt it? the Opera House is definitely one of the places i would love to visit in my lifetime. Australia is well known for its heat, and also the animals! i would visit the place they call "down under" in a heartbeat.

✅ Check !!! La nourriture est tellement meilleure en Italie.

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umm yeah pretty much my life goal

Play hide and seek in ikea -- ok, now this would be fun! Or play assassin in Ikea.