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  • Pakize Kapan ♚ Madame Keke

    Stinging nettle health benefits for home remedies that treat just about everything: a cure for arthritis, an herbal treatment for allergies, relieves hair loss, treats Celiac disease, bleeding, bladder infections, skin complaints, neurological disorders and a long list of other conditions -- it's nettle leaf. I recommend reading this article, very intersting! I drink nettle tea a lot myself.

  • Karen Austin Brigham

    A seemingly humble herb, mint offers a variety of exceptional health enhancing features. Research has shown that certain varieties of mint have properties that help defend against cancer and damaging radiation. Not only does this herb offer protective benefit, but it also provides those who suffer from irritable bowl syndrome much needed relief.

  • Sherry Marrero

    Ward off cancer, protect against radiation, and ease irritable bowel syndrome with mint. Mint tea is my life. My tummy and me love it.

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15 Bee Sting Home Remedies.... it doesn't mention the remedy that I always use - open a new can of Coca Cola and pour some on the sting - the pain is gone within seconds!

Fight and prevent inflammation naturally with magnesium (NaturalNews) While magnesium has always been known to be a very powerful mineral, a study involving 3,713 postmenopausal women has shown that it also possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Magnesium could be of great aid to those who wish to avoid the unreliable and dangerous effects of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

If you Notice, Mother Nature is growing more "weeds" around you. Please do not kill them, they are showing you what your body needs. If you treat your lawn with poison you will not have the natural medicines to cure you, you are only poisoning yourself and your children. Nameste

Plantain is a great natural bee sting remedy, but I recently learned about lemon balm and its amazing ability to calm and comfort bug bites, including bee stings. Although you may have your favorite natural bee sting remedy already, it never hurts to have another on standby. And you never know, maybe you’ll end up with a new favorite.

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