For my wonderful wife...


I seriously cannot stop laughing right now!

"My dad gives me this cake EVERY year on my birthday." <-- parenting done right HILARIOUS

This made me laugh harder than it should have. The thing is is that I have owned and raised both cows and goats and this is totally plausible. If I see it a hundred times, I'm still gonna laugh, because I can picture it in my mind.

Wedding Crashers is one of my favorite movies, so this had me falling out of my chair laughing imaging the cat with Will Ferrel's voice...and because Phillip yells it out randomly!

studying incentive, when you reach a gummybear, you get to eat it.... YES.

every. single. time! This is totally me! If there were cameras in bathrooms. I am sure people would be laughing so hard!



I'm dying.



That's funny. I don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning.

Love this commercial... Hahah mayhem

Hahahaha that's hilarious

My new favourite valentines day card!!!

Disney pick up lines. If a guy said this to me I'd probably ask him to marry me.

Ironically, my husband's grandparents were married 62 years...they both have passed on, but Gladys was his grandma's name....and this so reminded me of his Gramps. They were so funny were definitely guaranteed a laugh or two when with them. I so miss those times:-(

Bahhhhahahaha! LOVE!