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    Happy days

    The Waltons. When I was a kid, after this show was over on Thursday nights, mom would say, "Good night Holly!" After the last Walton said good night. lol that was the signal it was bedtime

    Happy Days

    You Make me Happy!

    Eight is fill our lives with love.

    Laverne and Shirley

    TV Show - Taxi

    Emergency! I was in love with John Gage :)


    The Brady Bunch!Even though it was way before my time i loved this show when i was little

    Alice/••••another really good comedy. The 30 minute sit com ruled night time TV for awhile there. There were a few dramas and variety shows, but not many.

    The Wonder Years ... Def need to watch this again because I'm certain it would be a lot different now versus at age 6 (or so). Still remember thinking he needed to just tell Winnie how he felt!

    The Munsters

    Love me some Happy Days:)


    Arnold et Willy're on Candid Camera!!!!

    1970 TV Shows

    brady bunch - wanted to be part of this family.

    Hey Hey Hey!