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Southern woman monograms like men hunt

"If you're a Southern woman the urge to monogram everything you own comes as natural as a Southern man's urge to kill anything with fur or feathers" Lampert Lampert garner

southern belle secrets - sweet tea

Southern Belle Secret When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea, and thank God you were born a southern belle.

Exactly - stop telling me it's a speech problem! I was raised by southerners! I  don't even hear the difference

No better than being raised in the South! I will also be a southern girl. If you don't like it when we say yall then "you guys" might want to head back north.

I'll give you something to cry about

Only with me it was my northern mama. Guess it shows we all are related after all, LOL Can't even count the number of times I heard this!

Deep South Dish: Deep South Inspirations    -Southern Hospitality

Couldn't be more proud to be from the south. In our house "yall" is a proper term! Sweet tea is always available, the skeeters bite, and country music is always playin! We're from the country and we like it that way!

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Southern Belle Secrets If anyone tells you a southern girl shouldn't drink, tell them we don't drink, we sip.a lot.

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I try and explain this to my northern family they think im crazy. and its funny now that I have my own littl one he always says he wants coke even if its pepsi sprite dr peper whatever. I love the south :)

Darn right! I wish these people here would learn that! :) "Oh, we've got sweetner?"..... Where do I even start???

This statement is soo true for the south! There is no such thing as unsweetened tea. In my world, unsweet tea is simply unfinished tea!

The south..... Our Tea is sweet Words are long Days are warm And ...

the real south. You live in Ohio. I live in Ohio. Therefore, do not say "hey y'all lookie here!

The creek beside your childhood home that always flooded...

A Great Old Southern Saying. Been around a long time.but still applies.the creeks do rise round this part of the country and when that happens, the Good Lord is not gonna let you get anywhere. Love the country sayings.