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I can feel this! This was how I spent so many summer days in Manhattan...sitting on the fire escape smoking and talking on the phone...miss those days~sigh~

예전에 한 교수가 우리의 무자비한 도시개발을 비판하면서 말하길 '하늘에 주렁주렁 걸려있는 전신줄이야 말로 얼마나 우리가 무지했는지를 보여주는 것이다'라고. - 일견 맞는 말이지만, 하~ 아저씨. 그 급하고 한편으론 무자비하기까지 했던 '잘 살기 위한 욕망'이 우리의 성장동력이었던 것을 잊으신건 아니신가요? Think easy. 이제부터 천천히 걷어나가자구요. 그렇게 침을 튀기시면서 당신의, 그리고 우리의 과거를 부정하진 마시구요.

Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office / One Plus Partnership #stairs

Here we go, come with me, there's a world out there that we should see, take my hand, close your eyes...

"Why aren't there exit signs anymore?" "Because they want us to think that there isn't a way out." -Rory Lee

Parking - Pixdaus

Cross-section, Kowloon Walled City. Hak Nam, City of Darkness, Hong Kong. demolished in 1993. 10, 12 and in some places 14 storeys high, an area 200 metres by 100 metres of solid building, home to some 35,000 people, one of the densest urban slums in the world. It was also, arguably, the closest thing to a truly self-regulating, self-sufficient, self-determining modern city that has ever been built.

“They are not a photograph; instead, they were newly designed and constructed from scratch by means of image synthesis and digital image editing.” - Philipp Schaerer