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These cute ladybug cards can be used to practice relating decimals to fractions. Includes 20 cards to use as a matching game. These are great to us...

This set of 24 task cards focuses on practice with the order of operations. Cards with exponents are included at the end so that the teacher can choose to include them or not include them.

fraction matching game

FREE even and odd sorting activity. Includes numbers 1-20. Also includes ideas for ways to use the number cards and how to differentiate.

These are printable cards to be used in decimal learning. The cards include numbers up to four decimal points in both number hand word form. These cards could be used in many ways! Use them as a memory game, to create student pairs for another task or a in a scavenger hunt where students need to find their match hidden around the classroom or school.

Here's a set of cards to practice matching multiplication problems to pictorial models.

Decimal Card Game

Money Memory Game! This game includes 48 cards to help students learn about and practice their money skills. Available for purchase.

Help students practice finding area of simple shapes with these fun area matching cards. Set includes 24 question cards with 24 answer matches. P...

Here's a set of money matching cards for students to practice finding the value of a collection of coins.

Hands-on Fractions! Versatile cards the same size as business cards. Use for matching, assessment, with included game boards, and word problems! $

Upper Elementary "War" bundle. Review decimals, fractions, large numbers, multiplication and division through math card games. Includes 55 different games. Bundled set save 20%

FREE Equivalent Fraction: Practice identifying equivalent fractions with these 2 games in 1! Play as a matching game or go fish. This game includes 36 pairs of equivalent fractions and an answer key so students can play independently. This game can be used as a whole class activity or in small groups.

Your students will love practicing comparing decimals by playing Decimal War. Students can play in groups of 2 to 4. An independent practice page with answer key is also included. $

make your own "I have...Who has?" cards

FREE Match Me! Printable Math Game + Bonus Display Cards & Worksheet

#Fractions #Decimals and #Percents Matching #Dominoes Card Game $ #math

Fraction number bond cards for composing and decomposing fractions. Also include a Memory/Go Fish game and a Scoot game!

This pack can be used as a math game or math center/station. There are 23 pairs that match fraction and decimal. Simply cut, (back if you want), l...

I am really excited to be able to share these cards with you! In this download you will receive 20 task cards/quiz cards which help students practi...

Here's a set of cards for matching fractions and decimals. Students must match decimals to their written form and to their equivalent fractions. Reducing to simplest form is required for a portion of these cards.