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  • Maria Campbell

    The real life Dora the explorer

  • Ivana Carina

    So funny! =) Dora the Explorer @BlackStewie (100,000+ followers) tweeted "Dora is real!!" along with this picture. If you’ve seen Dora the Explorer, you’ll probably see some similarities as well. (Visto en Mashable)

  • Rhonda Grigsby

    Funny Pictures 50 Pics

  • Candace Peyton

    that awkward moment when you see Dora the Explorer in real life

  • D Allen

    My son once saw a little girl that looked like Dora and yelled "Doooorrrraaa"...very loudly.

  • Jolie Treutel

    Dora in real #funny cats 1 #james lafferty funny #funny shit #mindless behavior funny|

  • Alex Preston

    Funny stuff

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