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Klein Bottle House, Melbourne, 2007 / McBride Charles

The narrow house by Bassam El Okeily in Bilzen, Belgium

I like this because of the contrast given by the light coming from inside the building. Without it, the picture would be boring concrete, but with it, the contours of the building are thrown into sharp relief.

Setagaya Tokyo, Japan During the initial stage of design, it was agreed on: taking advantage of the site characteristic by ensuring a maximum length of the building; providing a space for fun and structural reinforcement to the building by introducing a slope inside; making the best use of underground space; and turning the entire building into a skin.

Simple but really beautiful combination of color . Ketan Patel - India - +918866068828

The Narrow House - Bilzen, Belgium - 2009

Hue Apartments / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects