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    Colodial Silver and Strep Throat

    #NFR6K So you have a regular cool mist humidifier? Do you kow how amazing it is & what recipes with essential oils & other healthy, germ & bacteria killing items you can add to it? How I use my Cool Mist Humidifier - Essential oil, peroxide, vinegar, colloidal silver - Recipes - Stay well

    Colloidal silver & some of my favorite uses -The Silver Edge Generator ... Colloidal silver, Me & DIY life go together perfectly!

    #NFR6K One of the most common question I get is what brand of colloidal silver do I use? This blog post answers that question. My Silver Edge Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Generator and why I love it

    Check out my newest DIY blog post, DIY Hand sanitizers & they can all double as other things like deodorant, cleaners, room deodorizers, & more. DIY Hand Sanitizer, for home, and on the go, great for kids ... Things like essential oils, colloidal silver, vinegar, aloe gel, coconut oil & more

    DIY mouthwash, face cleanser with colloidal silver

    In recent times, colloidal gold has been used both separately and in combination with colloidal silver to help fight many forms of cancer, including prostate and ovarian cancer. It has been theorized that gold helps prevent the spread of cancer by essentially encapsulating cancer cells yet still allowing colloidal silver to penetrate the cells.

    Fast and Easy Remedy for Swimmers Ear | The Healthy Home Economist - Colloidal silver for outer ear infections

    Colloidal silver as a preservative.

    Numerous studies have shown that colloidal silver alone can cure MRSA infections and candida, destroy fungi and viruses in the body, and much more. www.naturalnews.c...

    Silver has been used since ancient Greek and Roman times as an antimicrobial, for preserving foods and liquids and medicinally. www.naturalnews.c...

    Breast cancer treatment alternatives - Colloidal Silver - Green Health Matters

    how we avoided antibiotics - saline wash with colloidal silver and grapefruit seed extract

    The Best Natural Antibiotic: Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

    colloidal silver pink eye Colloidal silver for ear infection, eye infection, pink eye. (how it healed Greedy Baby)

    Antibiotics Made Irrelevant By Colloidal Silver? blogs.naturalnews...

    Make your own Colloidal Silver soap and Colloidal Silver gel for just pennies

    My Doctors Did Not Want To Have The Talk. Want to know what the talk was about? Visit for more of this blog post.

    Use Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot to Cure Sinus Problems


    The Misery of Allergies: How Colloidal Silver can help

    Health benefits of colloidal silver

    Colloidal Silver & Shingles

    Colloidal Silver is an all-natural immune booster. It is my magic medicine :) I've used it since I was little and it has never failed me; I'm a whole-hearted believer. This clear, almost tasteless liquid medicine can be taken in small or large doses and gives your immune system a quick boost, especially when you are under physical stress, or run-down and in danger of getting sick. Everyone should have silver on their medicine cabinet shelf!