sidewalk chalk art

Street painting, 'Smoothie, by Kurt Wenner.

3d street art - Αναζήτηση Google

- Win Bild Just amazing!

3D Street Art Save Me

Amazing Arts on street Sidewalk Chalk Art Amazing Art on side of building. via street art

Calk Art by David Zinn 21

Chalk Art by David Zinn 21 Sidewalk Pool

the bowles of the earth... 3D street art.  000

An architect,artist & former NASA illustrator,American artist Kurt Wenner's amazing street art blows your mind and messes with your brain - check some out here:- 20 Awesome Pavement Illusions (Pavement Art, Street Art) - ODDEE

Clever Art Inside Tree Holes

Funny pictures about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Also, Clever Art Inside Tree Holes photos.

L'artiste américain Kurt Wenner, ancien dessinateur pour la NASA, a réalisé de nombreuses peintures murales particulièrement réalistes, appelées aussi "anamorphoses", de Londres à Rome en passant par Las Vegas. Voici quelques unes de ses oeuvres les plus impressionnantes qui ont attiré l'attention remarquée des médias...

optical illusion street art by Kurt Wenner. First interactive street painting, combining real people with their painted reflections. It was created during a street painting festival for a Swiss-German documentary in 1987 at Grazie Di Curtatone, Italy.

Sub Way

Korean Subway Car Turned Into A Beach subway floor art.I would feel compelled to walk in the footsteps. This is awesome

Shark, Sidewalk chalk art... I would love to paint something like this somewhere

street painting <<<<<<<< this is really cool!

Skeleton street art

Pink skeleton, stenciled on a street in Paris. - wouldn't this be fun to do around town for Halloween?