Cannot stop laughing. It may not be so funny when we bring home our puppy in a few months...

big and small


27 Funny Animals that Are Even Funnier With These Captions

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30 funny animal memes-THIS 1st one is a funny dog meme. Others are all kinds of different kinds of animal funny memes.

This is my dog Brody! LOL

So true. Cops are so annoying. They make us feel like we're trespassers on our own highways.

LOL! Poor dog!


i wish...

What goes together better than dogs & mean girls quotes? im dying!

XD LOLZ SO TRUE! When I was just getting a donut at the HEB when I came back my dog scratch the sofa XD I WILL NEVER EVER BE MAD AT MY DOG NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES - more funny things:

Love this!