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SO true.

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Better not bitter

Life is short quote. Inspiration. Life is short eat dessert first.

Important to remember: be here now.


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I don't. Initially I'm in the angry stage. I mean what fucking idiot sits with a man who she thought she was making a life with and listens to all his exes and how he has hurt THEM. I could never ever image my ex husband doing this. What the fuck was I thinking? And then for him to say I was abusive and bit hard? I guess morals and empathy is a subjective thing.

words to live by

Deep breath.

It always seems impossible until it's done. Nelson Mandela Quote. A tribute to a great man, that many more men and leaders of the world, should inspire to be more like: Nelson Mandela 7/18/1918 - 12/5/2013. For more inspirational Quotes, creative ideas, artistic advertising and fun stuff follow QG group:

secret message of the day.... by Keri Smith

so true.

move forward

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