Don't miss it....

I don't. Initially I'm in the angry stage. I mean what fucking idiot sits with a man who she thought she was making a life with and listens to all his exes and how he has hurt THEM. I could never ever image my ex husband doing this. What the fuck was I thinking? And then for him to say I was abusive and bit hard? I guess morals and empathy is a subjective thing.

Life is short... eat dessert first! @Rachel W Cole reminded me of you. :)

Important to remember: be here now.

words to live by

Better not bitter

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secret message of the day.... by Keri Smith

This is SO true!

Don't let how you think life should be get in the way of experiencing what's incredible about today.

Very true!

God's opinion matters. I would venture to say no one else's does.

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The quieter you become the more you can hear | truth | I need to work on that | we all need to shut up for once and just listen

God does nothing by accident

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good to remember

Words to live by

So true

It's true