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  • sarah ro-bo

    Baked avocado fries

  • Amy Venzke

    Avacado fries, I repeat avocado fries! This sounds amazing!

  • Patricia Bedford

    Sigh…. Avocado fries are good. They’re very, very good. So don’t even go there unless you’re willing to deal with that. Crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside… I dusted them with a little parmesan cheese, which was so unnecessary. But wow. We’re not so much down with frying stuff around here, but now I must have avocado fries. Must. Have. Them.

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Avacado fries ... and baked ... look yummy!!! OMG so gonna try this I ♥ Avacado & + we have an avocado Tree!!