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  • Caitlin Toraason

    I do love the pain of a great workout! Motivation to keep going!

  • Nolwazi Skhakhane

    Love the feeling of being sore from a good workout! :)... #Fitness #Inspiration #Motivation #Fit #Workout

  • Brittany Freels

    feeling sore is one of the best feelings

  • Nicole Krout

    It does feel good to be sore the next day (and the day after that sometimes) means im doing it right!

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I needed this today. I will strive for this EVERYDAY. "I am strong. I am able". To be strong, able, alive and healthy- - live a happy life and help others do the same

Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.

An imperfect workout done today is better than a perfect workout delayed indefinitely

which is why people look at you like you're green when you say the words "run an easy 3".

Don't say it's not working if you're lying to yourself. "Calories don't count on the weekend" and other nonsense like cheating your calorie counter, doesn't fool your body.

5 min after workout.. I feel great, but not sore wonder if it worked.. then bam "owwww" yes it worked

I think I get addicted to the feelings associated with the end of a long run. I love feeling empty, clean, worn out, and sweat-purged. I love the good ache of muscles that have done me proud.

Get this feeling after my long runs and it really is the best

...anyone have this in printable stickers? I'd love to stick this on the pantry do I see it every time I go to grab a snack!

This is one of those moments where I think wow... that's exactly right.

SO true! Once I workout, I feel A LOT better and wish I would have done it sooner!