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tattoo pain chart. Hm, I didn't think mine (on my outside calf) hurt very much at all. Also, I like that the Web site says tattoos for girls but it's a guy with a star over the junk.

All the different ear piercings available - not including crazy custom work. For the piercing Noobs like myself.

the placement however if you gain any kind of weight it could be messy really really quick!

This is the most rediculous tattoo i have ever seen! what you are forever a sailor? Forever an ancor? Weighing everyone down? Nothing is good about this tattoo

I WILL get a dream catcher tattoo one day.

I really want to get a double bellybutton piercing. Just missing one of the piercings.

30 Tribal Sun Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Upper Back Tattoos: Skull Rose Tattoos for Girls, this would be possibly the one of the few skull tattoos i would get