Witch Costume

Feather Burlesque Corset Witch costume with Hat | Adult Costumes

Witch costume

Witch Shoe…Shape with cardboard & aluminum foil… Hold with tape… Cover with phonebook paper… Paint black… Cover with glitter… Add a buckle.


fantastic witch

the back of a costume.

We love this cute witch legs urn!

witch shoe love this!

retro and rockin' | what a fantastic idea. retro barbie.

So Gracie wants to be a witch this year (so original). I did find her an amazing hat last year...I might go this route for her skirt ;)

This site is the Pinterest of costumes... will have to use next year!

Cute witch costume


Best halloween costume ever!

Witch Shoe tutorial just maybe I need new shoes this year to go with the rest of my outfit !

spider web makeup ... hmmm, I'm thinking this will go great with my "witch's" costume this year :)

Mouse Trap - DIY Halloween costume haha want to do this for the halloween party at my college

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