Ric-rac.  I LOVE ric-rac.

Vintage Ric Rac My gr. grandmother used to make dresses for my sister and me - with lots of ric rac!

Vintage picnic tins. So awesome as a collection like this.

One of my passions --vintage picnic tins and plaid metal lunch boxes are fun to hunt for, great to look at and perfect for storage.

Sutaşından kenar süsü

Embroidery on Rick Rack How cute is that ! Just add some embroidery work to ric rac ! Sweet detail on a baby’s dress.

Red wagons in clover-strewn green grass

took many rides down our backyard steep hills in a lil' red radio flyer wagon, if we got up enough speed we could ramp the ditch and end up in the lane that ended at our house.