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You never know if you can get it back on without breaking it because you have to pull it so tight to get it on in the first place!!

happens with my thick wavy hair all the time. actually when I just run my fingers through my hair they get stuck...

this is my hair daily. hate it. or when the bottom is super curly but the top is just wavy. bleh!

Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

Yep, and this is why every curly girl has a ponytail holder either on her wrist or in her purse at all times

Lol, I use 10x that and then add some conditioner to my hair gel when I use it so my curls are defined and not overly dry.

Yep. Or cut it in a pixie cut that's too short to curl up. Those are my 2 options. Darn it.

I wish ppl with straight hair would be considerate of this when they roll the windows down lol

The sad, sad, truth. But that second picture just cracks me up!