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Young gentleman in his Sunday finery glances at a young woman in a ruffled dotted-swiss dress, as she passes him on the street. Mississippi, 1937, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Sharecropper Lonnie Fair helping his son dress in preparation for Sunday church services - Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Scott, Mississippi,1936.

Mother grooming her daughter for healthiest-baby contest held at all African American fair. Memphis, TN, 1941. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. Life Photo Archives © Time Inc.

VICTORIAN WOMEN OF COLOR A Rare View (Please click on photo to see all of the gorgeous pictures)

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Hidden histories: the first black people photographed in Britain – in pictures

Hidden histories: the first black people photographed in Britain – Eleanor Xiniwe of the African Choir, 1891.

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Listening to Britain, edited by Paul Addison and Jeremy A Crang

Southend, Essex, 1941. Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library

First African American women to vote in Ettrick, Virginia, 1920 These women, left to right, are Eva Conner, Evie Carpenter, Odelle Green, Virginia Mary Branch, Anna Lindsay, Edna Colson, Edwina Wright, Johnella Frazer, and Nannie Nichols,

Dr. Mary Walker. Amazing woman of the 1800's. A physician when most medical schools did not allow women, when even nursing was not considered a fit occupation for a lady. AND she wore trousers!