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Eye of the Crocodile [Print & iPad Case] | Photographic Print

Eye see you

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Eyes of the Animal Kingdom

Paige: I've never taken into consideration the beautiful detail found in animals' eyes. Some have Synechia (broken iris; where the coloured part is broken) and it's unnatural; others have small pupils, others large.

Snowy Owl Eyes | Stunning eyes of a snowy owl | Amazing stuff .... WOW

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TOP 10 Animal portraits Wildlife~ I chose this because i like its pattern. I also like the color green in its eyes.

Orangutans are the world's largest tree-climbing mammal and Asia's only great ape. Their habitats are quickly disappearing, due to the fact that the humans in the area are using the trees for logging and agricultural uses. Their legs are actually quite weak, but their hands and arms are quite powerful. They usually only give birth to one or two children.

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Nature is watching you!




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I love you mom..!!

mother's day in the animal kingdom as well

Just animals being adorable