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David Tennant. This rowdy scot impressed me to wear trainers (converse runners) with a full suit and tie. When he was lost on a streak of mental brilliance, this Doctor rambled on a mile a minute and made the ends justify the means, and all the while was just charming. I wanna be him when I grow up: Charming and Brilliant.


The 3 Types of Time Travel…

Time Travel. Nicely done. But there's also the 'fixed point of time' Doctor Who theory--but that's a little out there. snicker. Yeah. That *fourth* time travel theory is really out there. ha.

There's a man called the Doctor who lives on a cloud in the sky... -this image is lively but the link is broken :(

def the best Doctor. he's not only the most interesting and best actor, he's also the hottest. but hey, that's not the main reason i like him best. >.>