Pencil eraser as wall protector. Great idea.

Seam Ripper as Vacuum Roller Cleaner. Now why didn't I think of this. Genius.

Clothes keep slipping off plastic hangers? Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on the arms of your plastic hangers to prevent all your wide-necked shirts from falling off. GENIUS.

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Tips and tricks =)

great tips


DIY Collage frame

dry erase marker on washing machine as a reminder. fabulous idea!

computer printer tip

Cornmeal absorbs grease on light colored fabric or upholstery. Pour enough on to cover the soiled area and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Vacuum to remove the grains.

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Amazing Picture Hanging Tips: Put a dab on the back of the hanger, then position the frame on the wall to have it mark the spot!

Home Tips

OMG!!!! this is AMAZING .... PURE GENIUS!!!!! A trick for hanging photo collections: Lay out your arrangement. Flip frames over. Lay waxed paper on top of frames. Mark hanger/nail spot on waxed paper. Flip waxed paper over and tape to wall, nail into wall where indicated. Tear down waxed paper. Hang photos.-- Found this ONE day after I spent HOURS hanging a "gallery wall"

Interview Tips.... Good life tips. So good to know!

paint swatches, glass, dry erase marker - CALENDAR

Homemaker tips...good ones! I will thank myself for pinning this one day!

Hanging pictures