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  • Jessica Sankiewicz

    one day, he's going to text you. that day you're going to realize he means nothing to you. he's just another guy. just another guy you wasted your time on, tried to look good for, & tried to impress. he's just another bad memory. you're going to remember how much you like him & miss him, but at the same time how much you hate him. instead of getting all excited over this one message, that can mean the world to you, but nothing to him, just click erase & move on with your life. he's not worth it.

  • Taylor Juliar

    He's not worth it. Love this! Cant wait for that day.

  • Vivian Chavez

    This is so true! Words to live by!

  • Madeline May

    TRUTH!!! omg, this is perfect. exactly what i did with the last guy i was seeing. i realized he was total jackass and one day he texted me, and i just didn't text him back. and that was that. :)

  • Liz Locke

    It's hard to remember this but it's so true..

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I struggle with this more often than I like to admit .. but I maintain the strength to follow the path that's right for me.

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Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make.

lol - its the gateway drug to no sex. i think i laugh for an hour after i heard this one. thanks for a laugh my dear friend donna

"She used words to say nothing at all and silence to explain everything."

Exactly!!! When I cried this morning, it was over all things I had built up inside me. *sighhhh*

This is very true. I can find lots to do alone. Always.

My grandma suffers from a rare form of breast cancer. When I asked her if she's scared, she showed me this.

Everything worth having is worth working for