great idea

Hanging phone charging station sewing pattern and tutorial. This is such a great idea to keep cords contained!

Gotta make this!

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What a cute idea, little earbuds case made into a keychain... This would be such an easy craft for 7/8 years old to pre-pubescent kids, haha!!

Hanging phone charger holder sewing tutorial. Such a smart idea!

Great idea! ♥

Hanging phone charger how to.

She's crafty: gift ideas

Make these w heavy duty velcro strips on back for easy hang up, swapping & removal to organize crafts, art supplies, journals, home office, command center. Use over PVC pipe tubes or shower curtain tension rods. Also great for closet organizing in bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. Mix n match fabrics to the season & holiday decor just like we do for table runners & place mats.

Crochet Ipod case- I like the idea of a pocket for the headphones.... Going to do this for my camera- like the pocket for wires/batteries/spare memory card.


Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Great project idea. Maybe add a flap/strap to keep the item -- phone / ipod from falling out of the pouch.

sew sew

Turn a tie into a wristlet

Phone case, wallet and earphones holder from NerdHerderCase. Perfect for fest'ing!

DIY ruffle pillows! @ Home Improvement Ideas

love this idea,to cool!

wrapping paper station - it is so messy in our wrapping paper closet, this would be useful