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Golden Rule. Filippo Brunelleschi

Central Bank :: Zaha Hadid

flying buttress

“ Types of Domes in Islamic/Indo-Islamic Architecture Images are from Sir Benister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture, images’ copyright is of the respective authors”

Andrea Palladio

West elevation of St. Paul's Cathedral, London, by Christopher Wren, 1675-1710

How Gothic architecture was structured. Important: The location and use of flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting.

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Cross Section of A Cathedral showing the major architectural features. untitled1323743639824.png 1270×1126 pixels. WEEK 12

„Gothic Architecture “

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Notre Dame Cathedral: History and Interpretation

Flying Buttress

Ancient Greek Architecture. The Greeks developed three styles (orders) with their own distinctive proportions and details: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, as noted in this diagram.

DIAGRAM: illustrating "flying buttresses". The flying buttresses on Chartres are rather modest compared to later cathedrals.

From: Gothic Architecture: 158 Plates from the Brandons' Treatise, 1847

flying buttress

Capital: the top, crowning feature of a column.