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Pink Ombre- pretty,coool

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#Scene #hair Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Live

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Leda Muir platinum white hair #ledamonsterbunny #hailedabear

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Leda Monster Bunny at the icles behind the fountain, with matt.

Guys, she deleted her YouTube account and probably other social media I'm not sure. I could not watch the full goodbye video without crying. But she is one of my favorite youtubers. I hope she comes back. Thank you Hailedabear. We will miss you.

Hair envy x

#emo scene hair

Leda muir


Butter yellow, Pink & Peach hairs ... ombre-y thing goin on

Half blonde and half brown hair #Ledamonsterbunny

Hair Color!

Twitter / LedaBunnie: I did a thingy •3• ...

Turquoise Dip-Dye Hair

Literal hair bow