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AL Gore, inviromentalist

Algore is a reprehensible idiot, remember he also said he invented the internet, stupid liberal democrat genes again!

Photographer Captures Intense Emotions By Literally Taking Candy From Kids - DesignTAXI.com

Jill Greenberg is a famous photographer from United States.Check out 10 Most Heartbreaking Kids Photography Examples By Jill Greenberg.

"Non verbal communication such as facial expressions plays a huge part in our existence, but don’t seem to get a lot of love from the press. Here at mancertified.com we found some images of what we describe as the “male guilty look” that has been displayed by some of the most recognized faces in the world.  The look explained by our editors: I’m guilty. I made a mistake, and don’t know what else to say."

If you are guilty of something and don't want to give it away, make sure you avoid making the male guilty look.

J. R. Rowling http://www.encuentos.com/biografias/j-r-rowling-escritora-de-harry-potter/

Rowling on writing provides insights into how a successful writer works. From this post you can find other advice from this iconic writer.

My point of view.

OBAMA Doesn't Care about what made and makes America truly a great nation.