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Discovered: The mini-meleon that is one of the smallest reptiles on the planet

The World's Tiniest Chameleon, Brookesia, micra, is just 3 cm long and was discovered on a small islet off of Madagascar. via #Chameleon #Madagascar #dailymail

All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond

Tokay Gecko - they are beautiful, they change colors, they can jump and climb your walls and hide on your ceiling, they have razor sharp teeth and will bite a huge chunk out of your arm if you get near it. They chirp like birds when mating and growl like the girl from the movie "The Ring" when angry. Very difficult reptile to have as a pet but worth it if you like lizards. Make sure you get two so they chirp at each other. NOT FOR CHILDREN! RIP my little buddy =(

T'wit-two, three, four...: Once-in-a-lifetime picture of baby owls all looking straight down the lens

The photographer of these owls was caught by surprise when he looked through the camera lens and saw a perfect line of eyes staring back at him

Close-Up of a Blue-Eyed Tree Frog on a Fern Frond, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar