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How to make fire with aluminium foil - one minute survival tip - YouTube

<span class="readhead">Pump Fire Drill</span><br> The Iroquois invented this ingenious pump drill, which uses a flywheel to generate friction. The crossbar and flywheel are made of hardwood; the spindle and fireboard are made from softwoods (as in the ha

DIY Fire piston : Another Great Weekend Project

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27 Delicious Recipes To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

Banana Smores.. Foil. Slice a banana. Add mini mellows, crunched up grham cracker, and chocolate. Seal. Roast/bake. Enjoy :)

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19 Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day

Most of us don’t carry a compass at all times. Here’s a quick trick to use your wristwatch as a compass. Point the hour hand at the sun and create an imaginary line between the hour hand and the 12 o’clock section. That imaginary line will point you south.