Happy Monday; I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day! :) This precious baby seems so proud to have that head up! Photography fringe blanket by BabyBirdz, $95.00

Fabric Garland Photo Prop

teepee, play tent, photo prop LUKE burlap teepee tent photo prop by SugarShacksTeepee on Etsy, $75.00 boy

I'm speechless with awe over the beauty of this photo with my Newborn Photography Props Fringe Hammock by BabyBirdz, $95.00

Photography: THREE FEET Spongy Moss Green Baby Blanket Photo Prop by BabyBirdz on Etsy, 95.00

Cute Holiday Photo Prop Ideas

36" Ornament Balloon, DIY, Photo Prop, Holiday and Christmas Decorations, Family Photo

Pretty as a Picture, Posing in the Park! ;) Fringe Photography Props Blanket Handmade by designer BabyBirdz, $95.00

Happy Snuggle Time for a Cutie Pie Baby! Newborn Photography Prop Fringe Blanket by BabyBirdz : I LOVE HER SMILE! $95.00

Fluffy Photography Prop Baby Blanket 'Marshmallow' by BabyBirdz, $65.00

Spring / Summer Baby Fringe Prop Blanket Newborn Hammock by BabyBirdz, $95.00

Fringe Photo Prop: Use as Scarf OR Baby Blanket by BabyBirdz (pls click thru to see uses) $45.00

Winter is OVER! :) A baby 'Snow Gnome' nestles into his 'Frost Pod' and prepares to hibernate until next snowfall, hee hee! (White Fringe Hammock / Baby Blanket Photo Prop by BabyBirdz) $95.00

Blades of 'Grass' Green Photo Prop Baby Blanket for Newborn Photography by BabyBirdz, $65.00

OWN that belly! :) Celebrate maternity and look beautiful with my Pregnancy Photography Props to Announce, "I'm Pregnant!" (click thru to see later pics with baby, too!) Hand stitched with thousands of tiny, soft stitches by BabyBirdz, $95.00

Crochet Pumpkin Hat Photo Props Fall Photography by TheCrochetBarn, $18.00

This Face Takes the CAKE! :D Newborn Boy Photography Prop Blanket Baby Rug Hand Knit by BabyBirdz, $65.00

Baby Photo Prop Newborn Wings and Headband Set by VioletsVelvetBox

Knit Diaper cover for Baby Photo Prop Soakers Baby Shower Kids Eco friendly

Newborn Baby Girl Photo Prop Galvanized Bucket by BroddersTubs. $28.00 USD, via Etsy.

Baby Infant Photo Prop Basket Trunk With by braggingbags on Etsy, $45.00