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everything happens

still one of my favorites.

Pinterest Peeve: Pinning half naked women as motivation to achieve your unrealistic and unhealthy goal of looking like a starved super model.

Family... Haha


lol awesome!


It’s true


The Miha Artnak

In the Chaudfontaine park in Belgium. By Uysal Mehmet Ali.

Walk the Line - In Katowice, Poland



Over 100 uses for coconut oil- is there anything this stuff can't do?



The 100 Workout. 100 jumping jacks 90 crunches 80 squats 70 leg lifts 60 jumping jacks 50 crunches 40 squats 30 leg lifts 20 jumping jacks 10 minutes of running That’s it! For those of you not used to exercising on a regular basis, I suggest working on one step at a time and adding a step when you think you’re ready. I’ve been doing this workout for a few days now, and I’m sore all over, so it must be working. If you’re looking for an easy way to tone up this summer, I recommend The 100 Workout.


Icicle splendor

Todd McLellan is a talented photographer from Canada who has a thing for photography and dissembling old mechanical machines.

Well, duh. Of course it is.